Zoom Like a Pro


You've been zooming for more than a year.  But have you been ZOOMING?  Webcam like you mean it! 

Level up your videoconferencing game with tips from cinematographers, news anchors, and YouTubers.   Even the most experienced online presenters will benefit from this fast-paced, high-stakes session.

  • Add a working knowledge of camera angles and lighting to your presentation toolkit
  • Improve your audio and video quality with things you already own
  • Stage your set with cinematic flair

GIF A woman finds  the center of the frame on Zoom

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison has been teaching lawyers and law professors how to connect with online audiences since 2020.  She is an experienced online teacher, the director of admissions at the University of Hawai’i Law School, and a huge fan of Room Rater @RateMySkypeRoomPineapple

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