Writing Tools Benefits for Distant Writing Instruction



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Suggested Title: Writing Tools Benefits for Distant Writing Instruction

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Learning from a distance poses several challenges including both technical and pedagogical. Yet, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of online course offerings over the past few years. Distance learning, when done well, can be just as effective as in-person instruction.

In the writing sphere, writing tools can be of immense benefit when teaching writing virtually. Tools that can be especially useful are those that help writers learn how to write more clearly and effectively. We also know that developing good habits requires continuous feedback. In the legal writing space, writing tools can provide such feedback which facilitates more effective learning.

There are now several writing tools designed to help writers learn how to write better and how to edit their writing more effectively. There are two powerful benefits of using these tools: a) individuals can learn to write and edit better and b) users of these tools can also learn better writing habits and reflect upon on what they have wrote and how they wrote.

Join Ivy B. Grey, noted legal blogger, speaker, and VP of Strategy for WordRake and Colin S. Levy, a well-known Legal Tech speaker and Director of Marketing and Business Development for WordRake as they explain the benefits of digital writing tools and the benefits of learning what they are and how to use them.

By the end of this informative presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand what writing tools exist and what they do.
  • Learn about why writing effectively is important.
  • Explore practical applications of writing tools when teaching virtually.


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