Teaching Young People Globally, on Zoom


Teaching Young People Globally, on Zoom

As law professors, Alexander H.E. Morawa, Russell Leu and Chang Wang have been teaching Millennials and Zoomers in the US, China, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. In the past year, they have been teaching students all over the world on Zoom.

The younger generations are generally more open-minded and digitally literate. Are younger generations of students indeed more globalized? Are young people more politically progressive?Did the general political climate cause the pendulum to swing back to more national/inward-looking? How do they view the decline of the Western liberal democracy? How did they view the United States in the past four years? What are the differences and similarities between young people in different countries? And what can the differences tell us about the future of these countries?  

In this session, speakers will share their observations on teaching young students worldwide remotely and their reflections on legal education in the bigger context of college and post-graduate education.

  • What level of knowledge should attendees have before walking into your session? We expect attendees to have some basic knowledge of online teaching and learning and some basic knowledge of college education and legal education. 
  • What will your session accomplish and what will attendees walk away having learned? We hope our audience will gain a better understanding of what are the technological, legal and cultural challenges of teaching college and law students in other countries remotely, and how to overcome those challenges.


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    We welcome session proposals from our community. Please see the Call for Presenters for details. The deadline to submit a proposal and upload a recording is Friday April 16, 2021.

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